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Choosing Words to Create Worlds

Dreams and hopes and desire compel us to seek adventure of the grandest sort.  And when we can’t find it at home, we look outside our lives.


Or inside our hearts.


And we search for story and drama, beauty and spectacle, love and passion and excitement.


In fiction, I search for something other, those places and people and situations unfamiliar to me.  And I get lost in story, imagining myself as the lead character who saves the day, saves his life, or saves the dog.


Whether in reading or writing or editing, I seek sparks of passion or kernels of truth.  I want more color, more vibrancy, more depth.  When I read fiction, I want a book that pricks my mind or stirs my senses. When I write, I seek to craft a story that will grab a reader’s attention, holding it captive until the final page.  When I edit, I’m looking for ways to expose the beauty and strength of a story, knowing that rough diamonds often make the most spectacular gems.


Words are powerful, capable of creating mood, changing long-held plans, charting the course of history.  Words can touch thousands in the same instant, yet they can enfold lovers in the most intimate of embraces while holding the world away.  Words create.  Words destroy.  Words build hope and dash hope and shatter dreams.


Words matter.


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