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Choosing Words to Create Worlds


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Writing Tips.

The World

The world in the Knights of Kelara is one of beauty and danger and majesty.  The Emperor, unmet by most, rules his twelve-kingdom empire from the heights of Mount Norea.  The palace, hidden among granite mountains and veiled by mist, is not openly accessible.

The Emperor’s son oversees administration of the Empire from his own palace at Kelara, the capital city nestled in the shadow of Mount Norea.  Most days, however, the Prince rides with his warriors, defending his father’s people from their enemies.

The vile Lucent, once king to one of the kingdoms, now seeks rule of the entire empire.  He and his forces lay siege wherever they sense weakness in the Emperor’s people and defenses.

The Knights of Kelara series is medieval adventure—epic stories filled with battle, spectacle, and life-defining challenges.


World     Characters     Stories


The Characters

Arliss—a farm boy with no skills, no future, and nothing to lose.  He falls into the hands of Sir Raglan and a company of the Prince’s knights in A Distant Thunder.

Raglan—commander of one of the Prince’s companies.  He’s a loner who seldom rests—he feels a heavy burden to make up for his brother’s treachery and traitorous behavior.

The Prince—leader of the Emperor’s forces and mentor to the Knights of Kelara.

Wakefield—one of the knights and Raglan’s good friend.  His strength lies in reading motivation in others.  In A Night’s Whisper, he butts heads with stubborn Alex who wants nothing to do with the Prince or his envoy.

Alex—nemesis to Wakefield.  Alex holds no love for Prince or knights who fail to protect innocent families against plunder.  

Caerleron—third in a circle of friends with Raglan and Wakefield.  Caerleron plays a major role in the battle for Kelara in A Distant Thunder.  His own story is told in book three.

Sagelle—The Emperor’s advisor and ambassador to the kingdoms.  Sagelle’s wisdom is praised for winning battles and soothing hearts.

The Emperor—unmet by most, feared by all, subject of conjecture and outlandish tales.

The Stories


A Distant Thunder

A Knight’s Tale with a Lord of the Rings sensibility…

How had he not known?  Had he always been blind?

Farm boy Arliss stumbles into a battle and then leaps willingly into war when he discovers the fables he’s heard all his life—tales of the mysterious Emperor, his fearsome knights, and the fair city of Kelara—are not fable at all.

His once-firm plan of hiring out as an apprentice is forgotten when Raglan, one of the famed Knights of Kelara, proposes that Arliss train as a warrior under his tutelage.  With sword in hand—a sword crafted just for him—Arliss joins the knights in their quest to destroy Lord Lucent and his armies.

In battle after battle, Arliss fights alongside Sir Raglan and his comrades in preparation for their toughest challenge—facing Lucent and his combined forces amassed at the very gates of Kelara, capital and heart of the empire.

A Distant Thunder is epic adventure—a boy’s quest to prove himself worthy of bearing a sword and the honor of a warrior.  A tale to intrigue the secret adventurer in us all.



A Night’s Whispers


Wakefield is disgraced.  Sent far from battles that have the whole empire enflamed, Wakefield must play nursemaid to four children whose father has been taken from them.  Instead of infants, however, Wakefield finds opinionated adults who counter his commands at every turn.

He and the eldest fight over every improvement Wakefield proposes.  And then there’s the veiled daughter… Burned in the clash that saw their home damaged and their father stolen, Alexis is a mystery and allure, a soothing contrast to her brother’s brash ways.

A Night’s Whispers leaves the skirmishes of the battlefield for the fights of the manor house, confrontations laden with more risk and pain than any sword battle could ever yield.